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“Few programs exist that are able to successfully meet multiple goals on a consistent basis. But, Literacy Through the Arts is the happy exception. For almost two decades, this summer camp helps children learn joyfully while providing opportunities for teenagers to serve as guides for their young charges. Literacy Through the Arts provides a needed support system to families in Broadway Slavic Village, and is a reason why so many families choose our neighborhood.”

Chris Alvarado - Executive Director, Slavic Village Development

“Literacy Through the Arts at the Jones Road Family Development Center is a nearly 2 decade long success story for young children in the Broadway Slavic Village community.  They have evolved from a basic lunch program to a highly recognized music, arts and reading summer camp for hundreds of students with very talented and dedicated teachers, instructors, tutors and volunteers.  Their programming has also evolved to include music, arts, reading, dance, movement, singing, skills building, soccer and good old fashioned “fun stuff”.  A testament to the success is not only do 50% of the class returns each year as they grow and develop, the students school grades and test scoring has also increased improving their educational and academic outcomes.   Our community is blessed to offer these diverse experiences having a positive impact on young adults and it is heartwarming to see many students come back to become leaders to the younger students at Literacy Through the Arts.”

Anthony Brancatelli - Cleveland City Councilman 

"Literacy Through the Arts changed my life in many ways. When I entered the camp, I was a shy kid and stayed to myself. I started with the program the summer I was entering the 8th grade as a tutor and camper. That summer I grew relationships that turned in to life-long friends. I met 2 of my best friends and people I consider brothers that summer, from there I grew I became less shy as I grew and became a High-school Counselor. from there I found my love of helping others and teacheing sports as I helped lead the Soccer program. When it came time for me to leave the camp after being a part of it for 7 years, I knew that the place changed my life forever."

Joey Anderson - LTA Graduate 

"I think Jones Road is uniquely special because it gives kids with little resources the opportunity to connect with community leaders who genuinely care about them. JRFD creates an environment where education, relationship skill building, exercise, and positive self esteems thrive. I was humbled and proud to be a part of that program."

Rich Bewly - LTA Graduate

If it wasn't for Jones road and the leaders, I wouldn't be who I am today. Individuals of that ministry took an interest in me because they were concerned that they would lose me to the streets of Cleveland. I never knew that as my life progressed I would look back one day and know that JRFD is a huge part of my life for helping me become the man I am today as well as giving me the opportunity to mentor young men just like myself. Because of this ministry I now devote my life to changing the lives of youth because if I can make a small difference in their life like they did mine, then I achieved my life quote of "dedicating my life to saving theirs".


Lance Vene - LTA Graduate 

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