With each year, the participation level from the community increases, sending more children to the summer camp, Literacy Through the Arts, and the tutoring program during the school year.  Jones Road Family Ministry is a sought-after destination for neighborhood children who actively participate to learn all they can with each lesson.


Jones Road Family Ministries has been excited and empowered to report increasing retention rates, the addition of more programs and resources, however, the cost to continue to serve the community also rises. In order to continue providing high quality to the neighborhood of Slavic Village, we are reaching out to the generous donors in the community for support.


Your gift to Jones Road Family Ministries is extremely important as it provides resources that will make an immediate impact that will help support the Jones Road Family Ministry programs. It can make all the difference to our students, teachers, parents and Slavic Village neighborhood. If you like, you can specify your gift to be used for a specific program or resources.

We ask for your prayer and financial support. Many opportunities for donations in-kind are also available. From tutoring to fund raising and music to book keeping you can join us in building stronger families in the city of Cleveland.

To contribute a donation now, click here.