Executive Director Ione Parry has been involved in the Broadway neighborhoods for over 35 years beginning when her husband, Pete Parry, assumed the pastorate of Jones Road Congregational Church. In 1987, she launched The Jones Road Church outreach ministry when the church’s first community hunger meal was organized.  After in-depth training by The Cleveland Foundation’s Project Access, Ione determined that creating a new, non-profit organization was the most effective way to increase the impact of the established programs. In 2008, Jones Road Family Development Corporation was incorporated as a 501(c)(3) charitable organization in 2008 and now serves as the sponsoring organization of these programs.

In 2013, the organization successfully completed its 10th annual Literacy Through the Arts summer camp six-week camp for neighborhood children that seeks to build young readers by giving them access to training in the arts—and feeding their bellies! Through the summer camp, after school tutoring programs, job opportunities for teenagers, and so much more, Jones Road Family Development continues enrich and bless neighborhood. JRFD boasts an incredible rate of collegiate success among its alumni, many of whom have returned as board members or staff members of our programs after earning their degrees.